2014: New Year, New Job

In mid-February 2014, I started a new job. From the world of very large media, publishing and information companies, I found myself at the other end of the spectrum: in a small, sparsely furnished office with two other people trying to work out how to start a new business. Exciting? Certainly. Terrifying? Oh, yes, so very terrifying.

I am now in my fourth week. As a reasonably enthusiastic blogger and writer I though my experiences working in a start-up could be an interesting foundation for a new blog, my fourth. If nothing else, it could help other people, who may be contemplating a similar move, to appreciate what they are letting themselves in for! This blog is not meant to be funny, though it may be unintentionally amusing from time to time. It is certainly not intended as a platform for gossip, bitching, moaning, malicious comment or character assassination against any of my colleagues or criticism of the business I’m now in. To that end I will not be referring to anyone by name or identifying the business itself, and I may occasionally have to fuzz details to ensure I don’t give anything away. My goal is to be professional here. I’ve been working in this industry for nearly 18 years now, so I will also use MutterLog as place to post other pearls of wisdom from my murky past. Please follow me, and if you find what I write interesting or provocative or dumb, don’t hesitate to comment! Mark




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