Brain Drain: Day 1

In my first MutterLog post, I gave a brief impression of my experience working at the Google Campus Cafe near Old Street’s so-called “Silicon Roundabout” in London (next time I work there I am so not wearing a suit). I must be clear – that is not my permanent place of work! We have meetings with partners and potential users in London and our user experience partner is based in the Google Campus so it was a good place to settle in between meetings.

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And so it begins …

I am sitting in the cafe of Google’s London campus. The coffee, while good, is expensive. I am the youngest person in here by at least 20 years. Everyone is either achingly hip or nonchalantly scruffy. I am in a suit, sans tie, and I can tell that everyone is looking at me with a mix of curiosity and nervousness as though I am either in law enforcement or (so they hope) angel investment. But I am neither. I am one of them.