Lessons I’ve Learned From A Start-Up So Far! – Part 1

So it is now early August and Brain Drain has launched! I say ‘launched’, but it was a soft launch and we are positioning it as a beta release (hey, some products spend their whole lives in beta so who cares? It is all about managing expectations). So far, so good. But now the fun really starts so if I keep on top of MutterLog I should continue to give you updates as well as posting interesting things about product development and business in general.

Having passed such a massive milestone in the life of Brain Drain, I thought it might be a good time to start a series of posts sharing what I’ve learned so far.  Continue reading


Brain Drain marches on

So things are settling down at Brain Drain. My various worries and issues have calmed down and I’ve begun to see the occasional heated arguments as an inevitable consequence of being in a very small office with two other very enthusiastic co-founders. The fights still happen, but they don’t worry me as much as they used to, and I’ve come to realise they don’t worry my colleagues either. Continue reading