The Rise Of The “Social Professional” Networks


The not-quite-blank sheet of paper

It is time for me to fill a bath with research and data and have a good old soak. These guys have done a lot of thinking already; the challenge will be getting it out of them and into some kind of sharable structure. There’s no point in fantasising that the sheet of paper before me is clean white virgin territory.

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By way of background…

As I’ve been in my current place of work – lets call it BrainDrain Ltd – for all of four weeks, with a bit of frenetic writing I can capture my first experiences while they are still fresh in my mind. But for context it might help to explain a little more about where I come from (writing about myself comes more easily now I’ve spent a year crafting resumes and LinkedIn profiles).

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2014: New Year, New Job

In mid-February 2014, I started a new job. From the world of very large media, publishing and information companies, I found myself at the other end of the spectrum: in a small, sparsely furnished office with two other people trying to work out how to start a new business. Exciting? Certainly. Terrifying? Oh, yes, so very terrifying.

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