Mark Winter lives in London with his wife, son and two cats. He writes in several blogs:

  • GibberLog: Politics, Current Affairs and Society
  • BlatherLog: Science and History
  • WitterLog: Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction
  • MutterLog: A Start-Up Adventure

GibberLog and BlatherLog are less active and tend to be updated with the occasional interesting press article (though more thoughtful posts will appear from time to time). WitterLog is fairly active with erratic but frequent posts including TV, film and book reviews and press articles. WitterLog is now also the home of Mark Winter the novelist, where you can read about his experiences as a writer and learn more about his first novel, Infernal Prey.

Because he still has a day job, MutterLog is where Mark writes about his current experiences working in a start-up. He will also post articles and mutterings on business topics, technology and product development.

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